Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Meme

Things are crazy around here lately. Joseph has started at his developmental preschool and it has gone better than we could have ever dreamed, so far. Kathleen is six months old and isn't sleeping that great and I am so tired. And I'm really tired of people telling me to give her formula, or cereal, or ground beef, or whatever the hell worked for them. GOD. So here's a meme I got tagged with, so as not to focus on the negative.

Three Things......

THAT SCARE ME: not knowing the future, sickness for my kids or my husband, gaining a lot of weight

I LOVE: these children of mine, my husband, my family

I HATE: being tired, feeling out of control, idiots

I'M DOING RIGHT NOW: updating my blog, waiting for Cha/Cha queries, relaxing while K naps

I CAN DO: calm my fretting children, walk or run good distances, remember everything anyone has ever said to me

I CAN'T DO: stop eating ice cream, think before I speak, sleep easily

THAT ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FOODS: ice cream, burgers, fries

SHOWS I WATCHED WHEN I WAS A KID: Wonderama, Magic Garden, (these are dating me!), Happy Days


Constance the 14,000th said...

it's good to focus on the positive.
i can't stop eating ice cream either. and how amazing to calm fretting kids! wish i was better

Doing my best said...

Good luck! None of mine would sleep either; I thought I was going to lose my mind =(! And none of the "helpful" suggestions worked for them. Hang in there! You're doing great! Your children are lucky to have you for their mother!