Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ugh. I am starting a diet tomorrow. It is a diet and not a lifestyle change, although it involves lifestyle changes. I have these friends that are doing South/Beach and I thought maybe I would do that once I'm done nursing. But then I was talking to Todd about it and he said maybe we could just stop eating so much sweets and carbs? Because he is logical like that.

The thing is, I feel awful. I feel kind of depressed and unmotivated. I don't hardly have any clothes to wear. The same exact thing that happened to me after I had Joseph is happening to me now. After I had Joseph, I lost the weight that I gained while pregnant like right away. So fast, like within weeks. I attributed it to never eating, because I preferred to sleep rather than eat and I literally didn't have enough time to do both. Now, after Kathleen, I lost all my weight right away and because I had had the GD while pregnant, I hadn't even gained any weight from like 28 weeks on so it all just went away. But man did I start to eat after I had her! Ice cream and bread and butter and ice cream and...wait for cream!

A few months ago I started to work out again, every day. But I couldn't fix the eating thing. I would be good all day and then Todd would say how about a blizzard? and I'd say SURE. I NEVER say no to ice cream. ICE CREAM.

But I am going to start. Tomorrow I am starting to go easy on carbs. I am not going to eat ice cream, except for possibly one day a week. I haven't decided if I should do that or not. I am not going to eat after 7:30. I am (probably) not going to have any alcohol. That last one isn't a big deal, I hardly ever drink anymore anyway, I'm so damned tired.

But man. Could I just watch what I eat and feel better in like a week? Could I not be so tired and crash-y from the sugar? Because I really do get vicious and mad for no reason and I think it might be a sugar crash? It FEELS like a crash. I am going to try it and see how it goes, just try it for a week and see if I feel better. And then maybe I could start to wear all my clothes again, too, as a bonus?

I will keep you posted.

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Constance the 20th said...

How has it gone so far? You're one up on me. At least you're already exercising. Good luck! I'll be checking back.

(And, yeah, how can you say no to ice cream?)