Monday, July 28, 2008

One Week Down

...thousands of weeks to go. :) But it didn't go that bad. Yesterday I ate whatever I wanted, which wasn't too crazy. I had some cookies that had been here, haunting me, and I had a hamburger on a bun and dessert(s). But I also started working out yesterday. I had not worked out all week, I was trying to just concentrate on the diet part of it and also? I am SO TIRED. This baby of mine will not SLEEP. Now I think maybe she's getting teeth? And is also, ahem, kind of jammed up? So I am feeding her prunes and trying to give her some water and in general hoping for the best. We thought maybe it was teeth so I gave her Ty Ty (as we refer to it around here) last night and the night before but now I think maybe it's just her stomach and the solids. Ugh. Babies are gross!

ANYWAY. So I worked out again today and am not having bread and am not having sweets. This naturally makes me have more greens and veg and just make better choices. So far, so good. I am dreaming of ice cream but I had some yesterday and it was just okay. Do you know how that is? When you give something up and then you have it and you think really? I went all crazy over this? I find this to be true with food, cigarettes, alcohol and bad boyfriends.

Now I am just hoping I can keep on doing it, keep on behaving food wise and working out. And then, maybe someday this child of mine will sleep better and I will feel good and it will be a pay off.

Ha - Todd is funny. Monday was the start of my diet and Monday night I said "I don' t look any thinner!" to him. He said maybe it takes a while? Then Tuesday morning I walked in the bedroom from Kathleen's room and he said "I think you look a little thinner this morning". Sweet.

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Constance the Super said...

Yes-- points for that comment!

Good job with eating and working out. Every little bit counts.