Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oooh Barracuda

I was reading this article and sighing so, so often. I have no idea what I think about SPalin but man - the language and the tone of this article really pisses me off.

Like this:

Ms. Palin went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that his arrival would not compromise her work. She hid the pregnancy. She traveled to Texas a month before her due date to give an important speech, delivering it even though her amniotic fluid was leaking. Three days after giving birth, she returned to work.

...pisses me off. I am not governor of a state, but I am the emmeffing QUEEN of my household and I went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that my next baby's arrival wouldn't compromise my work. When my son was one year old, I had a miscarriage - LORD it was a messed up miscarriage, involving a mid-day trip to the downtown (read nasty and scary) ER and copious amounts of bleeding, admittance to the hospital and discharge from the same hospital, without having a D&C, weekly blood tests (while carting around my one year old), throwing a birthday party for the baby, and finally, mercifully, a D&C six weeks after the miscarriage. NOBODY questioned me about this. Nobody said "are you sure you can go BACK TO WORK while you are having a miscarriage?"

Then when my son was 2.5, I had his sister. Three days after SHE was born, you know where I was? RIGHT BACK TO WORK. I had a c-section on a Friday and Monday I came home and carried my 38 pound son up the stairs. We were just figuring out that he was not just a late talker, but that he was autistic. He couldn't come and visit me in the hospital because we couldn't figure out a way to tell him that at some point, he'd have to leave. So when I came home, and he was so happy/freaked out to see me, and he needed me to pick him up and act like everything was normal, I did.

He started getting therapy, here at the house, shortly after my husband returned to work. It's hard, at first, the therapy. It's like physical therapy, I guess, where they pull and push parts that don't want to be pulled or pushed, all for the greater good. I would nurse the baby, rock the baby, change the baby, hold the sleeping baby, all while my son (and I) wept and fought against the therapy. Again, NOBODY said to me - are you sure you should go back to work? Are you sure you have time to nurse the baby? Don't you think you should care for your SPECIAL NEEDS child?

It is bullshit - it's sexism and anti-motherhood and rotten to the core, this reaction to SPalin. I should correct myself and say there are, I'm sure, some people who just don't like her - they don't like her politics, or think that she's inexperienced, or that her daughter's troubles are her fault, or whatever. And they might all be right. Personally, I can't get over those NAMES. But this article? Is nothing but sexist and rotten and hating. And I hate it right back.


"Constance-1-M" said...

I read that article yesterday & fumed over the tone as well. I thought revealing the details of her pregnancy / timing / etc was a bit much for the New York Times ~ I would have much rather seen an article on her politics, her job & what Alaskans think of her ... why should it matter to the country that when Trig was 3 days old Mommy took him to a staff meeting?

And I was wondering about all the stay-at-home-moms who go right back to their jobs 3 days later. Most of them may have family come in and "help" for a few days ~ but in no way do they get the same 6 or 8 weeks off that the rest of us get. I guess it's all in how you WANT to look at the situation ~ those who like her will see the upside to her life & those who don't will use her motherhood as a determining factor in whether or not she would make a good employee.

Constance the 14,000th said...

i have been getting so angry witt the unfair media scrutiny over sarah palin. yesterday at the store i saw the following cover story for Obama "Life with His Girls" with a happy family pc of them all.

I saw the following for Sarah Palin "Family Drama" and "Babies, Lies and Scandal".

Regardless of your political affiliation, this kind of unfair reporting is beyond ridiculous.