Friday, May 16, 2008


I am stealing from a Constance (the thirteenth?) and going to say nine things about me. It will have to be fast as Kathleen is napping her fifth nap of the day, they are short naps, taken often and they are driving me MAD. But that's not one of the things about me, that's about her! Let her get her own damned blog!

1. I sometimes forget that I am married. I don't mean that in a 'I slip off my wedding ring and go out' way, but in the way that I'm driving down the street and I think 'holy shit, I am married and have two kids! How did that happen?'

2. I am never, ever happy with my weight in the present. Now, looking back, I realize I SHOULD have been happy five years ago, but I am a dumbbell who can't appreciate a hot body when I have one.

3. The only tattoo I'd ever get is permanent eyeliner.

4. I used to smoke, but quit, but I'd like to go back and I think about it every day. Not every day, maybe, but CLOSE to every day.

5. I drive way too fast. I think about it more now because of the precious cargo.

6. I love to drink martinis and beer and red wine and ... all of it, actually. I miss it when I am pregnant and swear I'm going to drink when I'm done but then I'm nursing and so tired and I can never really drink up like I'd like. Then at some point when I can go out and I'm not nursing and I'm not driving, I drink too much and feel horrible the next day. HORRIBLE. I am hoping to avoid that this time. So far, so good, because I really really really don't ever want to be hungover anymore. I'm too old. Which brings me to my next thing...

7...I turned 40 this year. I feel fine about it, what with 50 being the new 30 and all.

8. I used to read a book a week, when I was in NYC and commuting. Sometimes two books a week and now I am lucky to get a book read in a month. I hate that. We also can rarely watch a movie in just one night.

9. I have super long nails and fingers and big feet. I used to think I had a big head, until I met my husband and learned what a big head was really like.

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