Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Six Weeks

So, I am six weeks pregnant today. I think. I suppose it's possible that I got pregnant before I think I did but probably it's not likely, so let's go with six weeks. I think I mentioned that I lost like almost 30 pounds in the months preceding this event, and I swear to God, I would like to get in to the doctor and get weighed so someone will have a RECORD of this but I am eating for like 100 and I am afraid that I'm going to gain it all back before I get in to the doctor.

I'm afraid to go see her though. I know they are going to do an ultrasound and last time I went for my first 'dating' ultrasound the tech said, with a sigh, 'let's see how many are in there' when she started. It had never occurred to me that I might have TWINS but it scared the hell out of me then. I have a friend who had three kids, thought she'd have a fourth and ended up having twins, and then boom!, five kids! I'm not just scared of that, I'm scared in general. I hope everything is okay with this baby. I had a miscarriage between my first and second children and now until I get to ten weeks, which is when it happened, I am sort of nervous and disbelieving about the whole thing.

We haven't told anyone - well, I told my sister and a friend of mine who is in very similar circumstances to me. Todd told a good friend of his, but we haven't told our parents. I am so tired, though, and it's always a giveaway with me because I am a drinker, so I have just been lying low. But can I lie low for like six more weeks? My birthday is in four weeks, St. Patrick's Day, etc., people would wonder. Also I feel like a lazybones, telling people how I couldn't do something because I was too tired, or that I went to bed at 9:00.

I'm also afraid that people are going to judge me. I think *I* might judge me - I mean, I think I am. I have three kids under five and one has autism and ... I'm afraid I am a mess, and that everyone knows it. Sometimes I feel like I just wasn't built for this, that I am a bad mother and wife, that not everyone gets this crazy over this job. I'm afraid I'm going to tell people that we are expecting our fourth and people are going to be shitty and I just can't take it. I don't want the pregnancy besmirched by a shitty attitude, does that make sense? I feel very positive about it, I'm very excited about this new member of the family and I hope everyone feels the same way. People are ALWAYS going on and on to me about "are you having more kids?" and "you know, there are WAYS to prevent that!" and "do you have a television? A hobby?" So now I'm afraid that those same people are going to say things about how we could have PREVENTED this baby who actually exists now, and I just - I don't like the bad mojo involved.

But this is just one small part of it, at six weeks. Mostly at six weeks, I am tired, emotional, forgetful, and excited. We are thinking of baby names, well, just girl names, since we already have a boy name. I am thinking of how I can stretch my stretchy clothes through a pregnancy, since I gave away all of my maternity clothes. I am trying to drink enough water, eat some vegetables, and take my vitamin every night. I'm having crazy-ass dreams, which I totally forgot about. My breasts are gigantic and sore. I have to pee all the time. Crazy. I forget, every time, everything that happens.


Swistle said...

With my 5th child, Paul in particular did NOT want to hear EVEN ONE MORE "You know how this happens, right?" and I did NOT want to hear EVEN ONE MORE "Is this...good news?" So we did a....I don't know what to call it. But we did a remark that suggested to the hearer the way in which we wanted our news taken, along the lines of "I have been SO excited to tell you our wonderful news!! We're expecting!" And then if anyone made a facial expression that suggested that they were about to say something unpleasant, I would say, "I KNOW!! Can you believe it?? We're so happy!" I didn't need to do the third step, but I was fully prepared, if someone had managed to get a shitty remark past those first two layers, to let my face go crestfallen and confused, like I couldn't imagine anyone saying anything as cruel as what they'd just said.

Sarah said...

I TOTALLY get you. We have three now, and still want at least one more. We have also had three miscarriages and I have generally rough pregnancies and have had to be on bed rest with all three kids. Practically EVERYONE assumed we were done after our last son was born, and they keep reacting in general confusion/horror when we tell them we'll probably try again in a few years. They think we're crazy, risking my health, that our house isn't big enough, that we're putting a burden on our families since they always end up helping us out a lot during the bedrest phase at the end.
So yeah, I think a lot about how I'd announce another pregnancy, even now, with our current baby only five months old! I guess I'll just do what Swistle suggested.
Or, you know, try to hide it forever and then just appear one day with a baby and be all, "Oh yeah, popped this one out last weekend!"