Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Cause that's what it's for right? This site? To talk about other people with my neighbors?

I have three sisters in law, on Todd's side. I have one sister in law on my side. They are all nuts. Is this true or just me? I don't know.

Todd's sister Lynn has begun a lesbian affair. When we met, she was married to her high school sweetheart - and by that I mean that she got married at like 16 when she was pregnant with her first child. She had her second at like 18 and is now younger than I am and her kids are almost out of the house! She got divorced and her new boyfriend moved in seconds later. Then they broke up because he had gotten fired but didn't tell her and also told her he was still paying the rent. She found out about the lies when she got kicked out of her house. THEN they got back together, then they broke up again. Then this girl started showing up, like, everywhere. I figured she was a lesbian but Todd's stepfather said they were just friends. My inlaws were planning a trip to take our niece and nephew on for our nephew's graduation from high school, then all of a sudden my SIL was going AND her 'friend' was too. STILL no one was talking about how they were a couple. But then last weekend, my MIL told Todd that it was 'official'. It is so funny - I mean, Lynn would be the last person that I would have guessed would have an affair with a woman. I really do not think she is a lesbian - I mean, I have lesbian friends and I just ... I think she's not so much as a lesbian, as she is someone who wants to be in a relationship with this woman. But we'll see. I don't know what she's told her kids, if anything.

My other SIL, Todd's sister Leigh, is having a baby in July. When I met her, she was getting ready to have 'the surgery', as I've noticed some people call it. So she had a gastric bypass and lost a LOT of weight and then sort of went nuts with the drinking and the partying and the 'dating'. It's so heavy, I think - she never dated, ever in her life until she was like 30 something. So it was weird and we talked about it, that she was drinking a lot and sleeping with a lot of people. It wasn't where she wanted to be, she wanted to be in a relationship. And now she's got one. He came to Joseph's birthday party with his two kids and Leigh, last summer. Then he didn't go anywhere because he was on house arrest. Then she got pregnant. Then he got off house arrest and got a job, because before that, he was just living with Leigh and she was working two jobs. Ugh. I haven't heard from her since Joseph's birthday party last year, when she came to the party but didn't even bring a card for Joseph. I hate to be That Mom, but man - he's just a little kid! Thankfully, he's so little that he doesn't know from presents, so I am trying to take that attitude. It's hard though.

My other SIL is divorced and has three kids. She dates a lot and is a bodybuilder. She came to Joseph's birthday party two years ago all painted in tan paint before a shower. She asked for something to eat and took chicken from the can. This is weird right?

In Todd's family, no one ever says anything. His sisters could come and poop on the table during Christmas dinner and NO ONE would say a WORD. In my (superior, natch) family, we talk about things. It is so weird to me that no one ever talks about anything and no one ever introduces anyone to anyone. I was never introduced to Lynn's boyfriend and they were together for a few years! It's crazy, and it's taking some getting used to.

And in the meantime, I can only tell you guys. So don't rat me out, okay?


ConstanceTheSixth said...

Your secret's safe with me...and, no, it's not just you. The sucky thing for me is that, coming from a family with two boys and my husband having one brother, I always wanted a sister. All my sisters in law suck. Or maybe it's just me.

ConstanceTheNinth said...

Maybe it's THEM! I have one sister and I'm super close with her, so maybe I have falsely high expectations. I don't know - it's just so strange. My mom has three brothers and three sisters in law and she is pretty close with all of them. They really seem like sisters. My sisters in law seem like nutbags.

Constance the 14,000th said...

my sister in law is a walking talking trainwreck. i can't even stand to speak to her because she makes me want to run before her karma rubs off on me.