Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm thinking of quitting my job

I called my husband before, one of those crazy phone calls? He's told me about a guy that used to work in his office who had a crazy wife, who would call and make up crazy stories in order for him to come home. That's who I feel like when I call him at work and tell him that I'm quitting but I can't help it.

Today I was folding laundry down by the dryer and Joseph crawled in the dryer. And I thought maybe if he breaks the dryer door, maybe THEN someone will listen to me. We have had a lot of people through here doing evaluations on Joseph so he can start his therapy and we tell them all the same thing - that we want to put him in a preschool but we are afraid no one would take him, because he's so crazy. And I thought then why do *I* have to watch him? With also an infant to take care of? I'm not qualified! I'm all alone here and crazy and trying to breastfeed one and make sure the other one stays out of the dryer, the exersaucer, the road, off the top of the tv, on and on.

So I try and think, wait. Wait three months and see how he does in therapy. Kathleen will get older and won't have to be breastfed every two minutes, she won't have to be carried around or scream, just wait. And then I think, I can't make it three days, let alone three months. We start O.T. on Thursday afternoon and maybe it will go well. I'm frustrated because his other two therapists, who are supposed to start after tomorrow, haven't called me, or returned my call, or my email. I hate to start on the wrong foot but man, this is the way to do it - don't return my call if you really want me to think you're an idiot.

And then - after three months - if it's no better and I can't do it, I'm going to look into some kind of daycare/preschool option. I hate to do it to Kathleen, but then I think oh well, maybe she'd be better off in daycare. They don't get much more screwed up than Joseph and I have been home with him all this time.

I feel like such a failure, though. I am constantly amazed at how BAD I am at this job. If it were any other job, and I worked for me, I would have fired myself years ago.


Constance the Thirteenth said...

That's hard - and not a fun position to be in either. In the end, you have to do what is right for you - and if it's going back to work, then that is what you do. Try to hang in there - my fingers will be crossed for you!

And I agree, not returning phone calls or emails makes me crazier than crazy! How hard is it to do?!

Swistle said...

Do I have anything useful to contribute? NO. But I wanted to say I hear you, and I feel bad for you, and I hope things improve in one way or another.

jen said...

I wish I had something to say to you but, useless again. I can empathize though. Hope things start looking better for you.

Penny said...

Oh honey I quit that job too and I have only 1 child, who does not crawl into driers.

There is nothing more mental that being locked up in a house in winter with small children. NOTHING.

"Constance-1-M" said...

I'm so sorry this has been so hard for you ~ I think it's hard for a lot of moms if they were honest about it - or felt comfortable enough to admit it to anyone.

Leah said...

That sounds so stressful. I can't even imagine what your days are like. Having two little ones at home all day, even in the best of circumstances, is so stressful. I hope that the OT can help and that you start to feel more hopeful. And don't blame yourself so much!