Friday, February 27, 2009

The internet

Sheesh. I am so mad at people on the internet all of a sudden. I was innocently looking at pamie dot com and here's this old cow again:

Now look - I really don't care what some allegedly funny lady in LA thinks about me as a stay at home mother. BUT I do care about what some dumbbell thinks about ALL women who stay at home to take care of their kids instead of working outside the home and sending them to daycare (or "school" as some of my friends call it, the place where they send their six month old. Whatever). I mean, what did we go to school for? Why do well in school? GOD. I have many things I would like to say to this asshole:

1.) I went to school and got a Bachelor's degree and then I worked for several years. I also worked while I went to school. THEN I got my Master's degree while working full time and then I worked for some more years. THEN I got married, after having worked full time, post college, for like 14 years! THEN I got pregnant and had a baby and my husband and I decided that the best CHOICE for our family would be for me to stay home and take care of the child(ren). My husband, who also has a graduate degree, made about twice what I did, so he got to keep going to work. I assume I'll work again. I think I'll work as long as my friend James, who is a police officer and is going to retire after 25 years.

2.) I consider it to be a HUGE sacrifice to stay home with my kids. It's not the kind of sacrifice where I tell them all day, every day, what kind of sacrifice I'm making, and how hard I'm working, and how AWESOME I am for doing it, but it's the kind of sacrifice where I feel like maybe someday it will be worth it for me to stay home with them. I consider it the right thing to do, for my family.

3). I always stayed home, and it's worked out well for me since I have a son with autism. I have several friends, though, who worked at first and then because their kids were diagnosed with autism, they had to leave their job and start staying home with their kids because they weren't able to stay in the daycare that their parents had chosen for them. Would you ask THEM why THEY went to school? Why they BOTHERED to do well in school if all they were going to do is stay home? You ASSHOLE?

4.) I wonder if this woman considers herself to be such a contributing member of society that she can talk to a whole bunch of women like they're idiots? Is she a writer? A comedy writer? A writer of a sitcom? She writes the funny words that actors say? And this is some kind of major contribution to our world, one that should be compared favorably to raising children? Taking care of other human beings?

5.) I truly feel like my education has helped me do better in my job, the job of staying at home with my children. It has definitely helped me with my autistic son, although sometimes I wish I had gotten a degree in occupational therapy. It's also helped me think about things in a different way - to realize that there are all kinds of people in the world, and not one thing is going to work for everyone. I wonder what Niya's education has taught her - certainly not that.

Also, I was reading Sundry (again) and she talked about some woman that writes comics about attachment parenting? Or something? The woman was all mad about receiving formula samples in the mail and also about letting a baby cry it out. There were lots of comments, mostly talking about how it's not really offensive to receive a sample in the mail. But there was one about breastfeeding in public and why do some WOMEN have to be so OBVIOUS about it? And I thought what the hell, commenter? I always get scared about comments like that because my sweet Joseph was a really rough nurser and constantly swatting the blanket away and popping off and then rolling away from me so I sometimes had to decide between covering up well or catching the baby and I chose (obviously) to catch the baby. So then I think when some asshole complains about women being so OBVIOUS about it are they talking about me? Or someone like me? Doesn't even matter who they're talking about? Isn't the point of coming a long way (baby) that we don't have to explain this shit, constantly, time after fucking time? Yes, I choose to stay home with my kids, yes, I breastfeed, yes I formula feed, yes, I work outside the home, yes my kid sometimes CRIES. Are you kidding me? Who are these people?

Also, on my other blog, some guy posted a super mean comment about how I was coddling Joseph because I didn't like the way he was roughly handled by some clerk at the playplace we went to. He said that his two year old daughter could take getting a hand stamp, what was the problem with Precious that he couldnt' take it? I mean - really? I have to assume he just thought he was a 'normal' three year old, and didn't read that he was autistic but man. Even if he did think that? It seems kind of rough on a regular three year old to.

So. Newsflash - people can be jerks.

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